Our Vision

We are people who love Jesus and who want others to know the joy and purpose that come with following him.

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We are people of faith marked by following God, obedient to His Word, filled with His joy, and united in His

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Sermons are available online so you could always have Jesus’s. Listen to them and welcome to our church.

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Pastor Obi has been preaching since her 20s and has been in Pastoral ministry since 2003. She is ordained as a Full Pastor with the Redeemed Christian church of God in the United Kingdom. Presently, Pastor Obi carries the unique responsibility of leading a dynamic congregation of the Redeemed Christian church of God in Coventry. As well as being an active preacher and member of the ‘healing on the streets’ charity in Coventry.

In addition to her secular training, Pastor Obi has a diploma in theology and Advanced Diploma in Ministry and has carried on with trainings in the ministerial path.

An effective communicator and a great teacher of God’s word, she is known for her powerful messages of faith and being a well-rounded Christian, she is also actively engaged with City-wide projects that involve other leaders from other denominations in the city of Coventry.

She and her husband, Kenneth have been married since 1988 and are blessed with three children.

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Sermons can give you answers to all your questions and help you in complicated life situation. Our pastor puts his heart and soul to message to you Jesus’s words to guide you through your life.

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What We Do

Want transformation in your Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Financial, & Vocational health? Join a small group to join our Transformed Series!

We are Better Together!

We want everyone who attends Church of the Rock to enjoy the benefits of a Home Group, for we believe that life-change happens best when we share...

What is a Home Group?

Over fifty times in the New Testament the phrase "one another" is used to describe our relationship to other believers. We are instructed to love one another...

How do I Join?

The Home Group Leaders you'll see listed in our GROUP SEARCH would love to hear from you. Why not send them a note and ask them about their group?